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C-Lys social media and website: guidelines

We welcome the opportunity to hear from you via @mentions and replies, however would like to remind you that we work in regulated industries with a unique legal situation. As such, we can not engage in/reply to sensitive topics, or discussion(s) about medical products, treatment options, and/or your experience of participating in a particular clinical study.

C-Lys webpages (social media pages and website) are not intended for the reporting of medical side effects associated with the use of medical products or with the participation in a clinical study. If you, or someone you know, have possibly experienced a side effect, please contact your physician and/or the study site immediately to report these side effects. Please note that we highly encourage to contact a healthcare practitioner to get medical advise or information.

Should you despite this provide us information about any side effects, then we will be obliged to follow up on this. This means that C-Lys or one of our clients will possibly contact you to find out more information and request consent to collect additional information. Data of this nature may not appear or may need to be removed from our site/page/platform and we will need to fulfill legal obligations concerning drug safety reporting. So, in case of an adverse event we need to store information about you, such as your name, email address or location. This information is required to be submitted to the appropriate Safety department and/or regulatory authorities.