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General Terms and Conditions

Version 4. This was last modified on 18/01/2021.

The C-Lys Website was developed by Xio on the instructions of the Belgian company Pivotal Clinical BV with enterprise number BE0634985259 (hereinafter "Patient Journey" or "PJ"). PJ is responsible for the management of the C-Lys Website and is also responsible for processing the data it receives via the Website. PJ makes this Website and the information on this Website available under the following General Terms and Conditions.

By visiting this Website or using the information on this Website, you automatically accept these General Terms and Conditions. Please do not visit or use this Website if you do not agree with the Privacy Policy or the General Terms and Conditions of this Website.

PJ (hereafter referred to as C-Lys) is entitled to change or remove the information on this Website at all times without prior notice. Therefore we request that you re-read the General Terms and Conditions each time you visit our Website so that you are aware of any changes or amendments and have taken note of the most recent updated version of the General Terms and Conditions.


2.1 Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of this Website (including trademarks, logos, drawings, data, product or company names, texts, images, etc.) are the property of C-Lys, unless explicitly stated otherwise, and are protected by copyright or other (intellectual ) property rights. The contents may only be used for personal use free of charge, provided the source is acknowledged.  Any other use, dissemination or publication, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of C-Lys.


2.2  Limitation of liability

Despite the constant care and attention that C-Lys spends on the preparation, publication and updating of the information on this Website, it is possible that inaccuracies or incompleteness may occur in the information provided. While C-Lys makes every effort to keep the information as up-to-date as possible, it does not guarantee or make representations with respect to the up-to-date nature, accuracy or completeness of the information provided. C-Lys also does not guarantee the proper functioning of the Website.

Therefore it is the responsibility of visitors to the Website to check the information for accuracy and completeness. Visitors to the Website declare that they agree that visiting and use of the Website is at their own risk.

Neither C-Lys or PJ, nor its directors, employees or agents may be held liable in any way for the poor functioning or temporary unavailability of the Website or for any form of damage, direct or indirect, that would be caused by or due to the access to or use of the Website and its associated information.

C-Lys (PJ) is not liable for any loss or damage due to viruses, attacks or other technologically harmful materials that may damage your hardware, software, data or any other material that you own through your use of our Website.


2.3  Contact your family physician or medical specialist for diagnosis, therapy or medical advice

The objective of the C-Lys Website is to inform users. All information provided on the C-Lys Website is general in nature and not tailored to individuals or specific circumstances and cannot be used as a diagnosis, therapy or medical advice.

Accordingly, the Website user acknowledges that he/she has been fully informed of the fact that the information on the C-Lys Website is in no way is intended to:

  • provide medical advice
  • make a diagnosis
  • provide therapeutic advice
  • to replace the consultation, advice or recommendations of a health professional.

Personal information and advice can only be provided by a physician or competent authority.  For advice about your health, we recommend contacting your family physician or specialist physician. 


2.4 Information and data provided

In certain parts of the Website, users can provide information and data to C-Lys. The user is solely responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the data he/she provides. C-Lys is not liable or responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of data provided by users of the Website.

If you provide information and/or data to us, you agree that C-Lys stores these data in the database and uses it. You warrant that the information and/or data, (a) does not infringe the (intellectual) property rights of third parties, and (b) is not otherwise unlawful towards third parties.

C-Lys reserves the right to abbreviate, change or remove this information at any time.

2.4.1 Prospective experimental subjects:

For the purposes of study-specific information, C-Lys uses the information obtained from sponsors (the customers of PJ). C-Lys therefore cannot take responsibility or offer a guarantee with regard to (but not limited to) the accuracy, completeness, quality and correctness of the advertising texts of the studies.

C-Lys facilitates the recruitment of participants for clinical studies. The services of C-Lys and PJ include (but are not limited to) the advertising of clinical studies, collecting contact details and other relevant personal data, an initial selection based on narrow criteria (inclusion and exclusion criteria), and the facilitating of contact between a (preselected) candidate and a participating research centre. It is beyond the competence and services of C-Lys to decide whether a candidate may and can also effectively take part in a clinical study. Any possible participation is discussed and evaluated further by a participating research centre.

Therefore, C-Lys or PJ is not responsible for:

  • The non-provision, inadequate provision or incorrect provision of information regarding the study by the research physician and his/her research personnel to the (prospective) experimental subject;
  • The non-provision, inadequate provision or incorrect provision of information by the (prospective) experimental subject to C-Lys and/or to the researcher;
  • The quality, number and suitability of prospective experimental subjects who are preselected by C-Lys. For more information about the process, we refer you to ‘referral policy’;
  • A decision taken by a research physician regarding whether or not to invite prospective experimental subjects for pre-screening;
  • A decision taken by a research physician regarding whether or not to include a prospective experimental subject in a study;
  • The quality of the studies and the quality of execution;
  • The qualifications and experience of the research centres and their personnel;
  • The potential benefits and risks associated with the studies themselves for the experimental subjects in a study;
  • Any personal injury resulting from participation in a study;
  • Any financial compensation of the experimental subjects for participation in a study;
  • The individual results of the experimental subjects in the studies and the overall results of the studies.


2.5  Reporting of adverse reactions

This Website is not intended for reporting adverse reactions associated with the use of medical products or participation in a clinical study. If you or someone you know experiences a side effect, please contact your family physician and/or research study site to report these side effects.


2.6   E-mail communications

C-Lys will send you an e-mail after you have registered via the study-specific application form, after you have subscribed for a newsletter via the subscription form or after you have completed the contact form on the C-Lys Website (for example, an e-mail confirming receipt of your application for a specific study). For this initial e-mail and all subsequent e-mail correspondence, C-Lys will always use the e-mail address you provided when registering or via the subscription form for the newsletter or via the contact form. When using this e-mail address, C-Lys assumes that you received the message/messages. Nevertheless, C-Lys is not responsible if you do not receive these e-mails. 


2.7   Third-party websites

The Website may contain hyperlinks or references to third-party websites or refer to them indirectly. Although these links or references are selected with the utmost care, C-Lys is not responsible for the content of these links and therefore cannot be held liable for any damage that may result, directly or indirectly, from the contents.

If you visit third-party websites this is at your own risk and without the consent of C-Lys. By using these links, you understand that the legal statement and the policy rules for the privacy of the relevant website are applicable and that these may differ than those of C-Lys.

You cannot hold C-Lys liable for any adverse consequences or any damage you may suffer as a result of (i) contacts made or contracts concluded on the basis of the hyperlinks, (ii) the use of data obtained via hyperlinks, or (iii) the consultation of the website(s) visited via the hyperlink.


2.8  Users from another jurisdiction

The services and product information provided by C-Lys via this Website are governed by the rules of Belgian law, to which C-Lys (PJ) is subject. If you visit or make use of this Website from another jurisdiction, you must verify whether this is permitted under the laws of such country in advance. Otherwise, please refrain from any (further) access to or use of the Website.


2.9  Applicable law and jurisdiction

Belgian law is applicable to this Website. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the district of Ghent in Belgium have sole jurisdiction.