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About us

C-Lys is an independent website designed by the Belgian company Pivotal Clinical BV. Pivotal Clinical BV helps pharmaceutical companies and university hospitals in their search for volunteers to take part in clinical studies.

"We are passionate about biomedical research and wish to contribute to it in various ways. We use the C-Lys platform to give explanations about clinical studies and provide an overview of on-going studies for which participants are being sought. We act as an intermediary and find suitable participants for both on-going clinical studies as well as future studies."

Interested in an ongoing study? Find out how we work.

* A positive pre-selection by us takes you one step closer to inclusion in a study. The investigator handles the further selection.

** We ask for your consent for every step in the process.

*** You can find more information in our referral policy

Why was C-Lys founded?

Existing medications can be either not suitable or not effective for many patients. That is why hundreds of thousands of scientists worldwide are conducting research on new drugs and treatments. However, these drugs cannot be marketed without first conducting clinical studies with healthy volunteers and patients.

Finding suitable participants is very important, but:

  • Many people have too little information or knowledge about the course of clinical research and view it somewhat negatively. For example, people are unaware of the added value or the benefits of participating in a clinical study.
  • Every study has very specific conditions (such as age, blood values, medical history, etc.) that participants must meet. It is therefore no easy task to find suitable candidates, and a candidate can only be included in a study after a positive pre-selection and official approval.

C-Lys offers solutions for surmounting these difficulties for healthy volunteers, patients, doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of medical devices.

Why register on the C-Lys website?

  • Registering on the C-Lys website is entirely voluntary. If you register, your information will be saved in our highly secure database. Your registration merely indicates your interest in possibly participating in a clinical study. Our team can then contact you and possibly refer you to a participating study site.
  • Your registration on our website does not mean that you will actually participate in a clinical study. Actual participation cannot be confirmed until after pre-selection, extensive explanation by a participating study site and official consent by the candidate.

The C-Lys website contains an overview of the clinical studies for which candidates are being sought. If you do not find a current study that interests you, you can select the ‘Register’ button to enter subscribe for our newsletter, free of obligation. This will allow us to inform you of any new studies.

Do you have to pay to register on the C-Lys website?

No, registering on the C-Lys website is free.

  • If you register for a specific study, we might contact you to go through a number of study-specific questions together. This pre-selection is free. With a positive pre-selection, we can refer you to a participating doctor or study site. No costs are associated with this either. All other steps fall outside the scope of C-Lys services.
  • If you register to be kept up-to-date of new studies, you may be contacted by newsletter, SMS, phone, etc. This information service is entirely free of charge.

C-Lys never compensates people for registering. C-Lys will never provide any financial compensation for participation in a study.

Where does C-Lys store your information?

After you register on the C-Lys website, your confidential information will be saved in a secure database. This database is housed on a server (in the BENELUX countries) that complies with applicable laws and international standards. C-Lys guarantees safe and confidential processing of your information. You can find more information about this in the privacy policy.

If you are eligible for a specific clinical study, your information will be forwarded to the investigator and/or study coordinator of the study in question. The above-mentioned study personnel is bound by legal regulations and will only use your information within the framework of the clinical study and will not share it with third parties. Nevertheless, after your information has been transferred to this study personnel, C-Lys is no longer responsible for securing it.

Are you obligated to participate in a clinical study after registering?

No, your registration is entirely free of obligation.